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Why Work With Us

Ithala Development Finance Corporation plays a very crucial. role within the community of Kwa-Zulu Natal. Ithala is one of KwaZulu-Natal’s primary drivers of economic development and a strategic enabler of support for, in particular, this province’s historically disadvantaged communities.


Employee Benefits​

We offer competitive employee health care, risk and retirement benefits. Our benefits are crafted and designed to ensure that both you and your family are taken care of during and post-employment with IDFC.

Talent Development​

We are not only committed to building an appealing workspace, but to build a talent brand. Our talent management framework offers valuable opportunities to develop your skills and build a career with us.

We continuously develop and equip our managers with the necessary skills so that they can bring the best out of our people.

Inspirational Leadership​

We have visionary and inspiration leadership that leads by example and live the values of the organization. Our leadership provide clear direction and ensure that everyone is part of the journey.
Welcome to IDFC, your journey has begun


Offer a highly competitive reward mix that aims to attract, motivate, and retain high caliber employees• Support the development of the core competencies needed to achieve the organization’s mandate.

  • Reward employees in a flexible, fair and transparent manner
  • Allow employees to share in the organization’s success
  • Contribute to the motivation and reward of superior individual, team and organizational performance.

Performance management​

IDFC is driven by a high-performance culture hence it is committed to effective performance management using a balanced score card methodology.

  • We provide you with resources and support to perform at your optimal level.
  • You receive on-going face-to-face feedback and quarterly performance reviews.
  • We believe in recognition of employee excellence
  • We all take ownership, accountability and responsibility for the results delivered.

Recognition of Employee Excellence

We commit to recognizing exceptional employee excellence that adds value and contribute to a high-performance culture, through innovative formal and informal recognition programs.

  • We create a culture that challenges mediocrity and the norm, and reward innovation.
  • No excellent effort or behavior is considered small.
  • Employee excellence is recognized through both financial and non-financial mechanisms.
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