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To become an Ithala Development Finance Corporation (IDFC) supplier, please respond to the tender requirements as stipulated.

Ensure that all information is completed before submission with the requested documentation. IDFC will assess whether your business complies with certain pre-set standards which are required in order to supply certain items or services.

When IDFC needs to procure goods, services or works, it does so through one of its procurement mechanisms, usually either an open tender process or a call for quotes. In addition to this website you can access National Treasury’s eTender Publication portal;  or for construction tenders.
Regarding quotations, IDFC will normally approach at least 3 suppliers to quote for requirements or publish the requirement on this website and the eTender Publication portal.

IDFC does not have its own database of prospective suppliers. It makes use of National Treasury’s Central Supplier Database (CSD). In order to be eligible to participate in IDFC’s procurement processes, your company must be registered on the CSD. The CSD can be accessed on 

Tenders must be placed in the prescribed tender box, or submitted electronically where instructed, at or before the closing time on the closing date. Late tenders will not be accepted.
Tender documents need to indicate contact details of person(s) who can be contacted regarding any clarification required. 

Prospective suppliers are warned that fraudulent Requests for Proposals and Quotations are sent to suppliers using the IDFC name and logo from time to time. Suppliers are advised to verify the authenticity of suspicious RFQs and orders by calling the respective IDFC representative using the contact details listed below or on IDFC’s website prior to responding to any RFQs or orders. IDFC will not be held liable for any delivery of goods for any fraudulent tenders or RFQs.