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IDFC’s Business Finance activities are keenly focused on offering financial and supportive services within a diverse range of key product groupings starting from R1000 up to R25 million. These groupings encompass the complete business sector spectrum, inclusive of service industries, manufacturing, trade, retail, agriculture, tourism, and hospitality.

Funding Solutions:

Agriculture & Agro - Processing Finance


Products under this sector have been developed to support SMMEs and Co-operatives in putting productive land to use. Ithala provides funding solutions to farmers focusing on commodities such as sugar cane, grain crops, fruits, forestry, vegetables and livestock.

Asset Based Finance

This is a medium to long term product targeted at SMMEs and Co-operatives wanting to purchasing moveable assets required by the business. These assets are usually utilized for the generation of income.

Commercial Property Finance

We assist SMME’s and Co-operatives with funding the acquisition or financing of fixed commercial property(ies) used for trading or investment purposes. This includes inter alia industrial properties, Student accommodation, hotel developments (including Bed and Breakfast and Lodges), residential developments.

Franchise Finance

Franchise Finance involves the financing of the acquisition of existing or new franchises within KZN. The funding is based on the franchise requirements.

Micro Finance

The Micro Finance applies to lending activities to clients that require short-term liquidity funding of up to R500, 000. The product is targeted at small and micro businesses operating their activities on a commercial scale. The product is designed to allow informal and micro-businesses to enter the formalised sector of the economy.

Procurement Finance

Procurement Finance involves financing of businesses that have obtained a contract or order, from the private or public sector, by providing working capital funding to meet operational cash flow requirements of the contract or order.

Structured Finance

Funding solutions under this product include:

  • Acquisition financeThis involves the purchasing of shares in an existing company
  • Leverage finance – This involves pursuing strategic growth opportunities and optimizing the financial structure of your business