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The Ithala Development Finance Corporation Limited ('Ithala'), KwaZulu-Natal’s Provincial development finance agency is mandated to promote development within the Province.

The primary development focus of Ithala is to increase the participation of black people in all sectors of the economy, and positively impact on job creation, skills development and training. Ithala has three major wholly owned subsidiaries, namely Ithala Limited, the KZN Growth Fund Managers and Ubuciko Twines and Fabrics (Pty) Ltd.

Ithala business-finance

Ithala’s business-finance solutions are designed to meet the needs of established businesses and emerging entrepreneurs through the provision of short, medium and long-term lending products. Ithala focuses on the agriculture, agri-processing, services, trade, manufacturing, construction and tourism with specific geographic areas of the province that will best realise developmental impact.

Ithala’s Co-operatives Lending Programme is aimed at mobilising communities in KwaZulu-Natal to form co-operatives and access much needed finance. The programme is intended to contribute towards increasing disposable income amongst participants in the second economy with the view to reducing poverty and unemployment.

Business support is a critical factor to ensuring successful enterprises and Ithala has regional Business Centres throughout the municipal districts of KwaZulu-Natal. This support network is coupled with skills development and mentorship programme aimed at assisting emerging entrepreneurs.

Ithala Properties

Ithala Properties focuses on the development and facilities management of industrial, commercial and small business infrastructure projects. Ithala owns a large property portfolio in KwaZulu-Natal that includes industrial estates, retail and commercial premises and light industry factories. The property portfolio is a leading agent for stimulating economic development in the Province.

Ithala SOC Limited

Ithala SOC Limited provides a range of key savings and investments products, insurance services and personal and home loan products to communities throughout the Province via an extensive distribution network of branches. Ithala SOC Limited was the pioneer into the unbanked sector and despite commercial banking having moved into this market, Ithala Limited remains focussed and committed to fostering a culture of savings amongst historically disadvantaged communities.

KZN Growth Fund Managers

The KZN Growth Fund Managers primary mandate is investment in infrastructure to promote economic development with in the Province. The Growth Fund endeavours to ensure an even spatial distribution of investment across the province. All the projects, furthermore, are undertaken with a view to broadening participation in the economy, with special emphasis on Black Economic Empowerment.

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