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Executive Management

Code of Business Conduct

Ithala’s ethos and ethical conduct are defined in the Corporation’s Code of Business Conduct. This code provides guiding principles regarding the Corporation’s day-to-day business activities, indicating that, through its staff, Ithala:

  • Strives to achieve client service excellence as a way of life
  • Displays the highest level of client confidentiality at all times
  • Continues to be an affirmative action employer, through which process, opportunities will be created for staff
  • Remains an apolitical organisation
  • Conforms with generally accepted accounting practices
  • Complies with all laws and regulations, especially insofar as they impact on the functioning of the organisation
  • Addresses any and all instances of commercial crime within the organisation, displaying zero tolerance against proven offenders
  • Strives to avoid being compromised by a conflict of interest
  • Instils in staff the need to avoid private business relationships with clients, customers and suppliers
  • Emphasises the need for staff to avoid personal investments in share transactions undertaken by Ithala
  • Strives to create and maintain a safe working environment and conserve resources.

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Ithala is an Authorised Financial Services and Credit Provider
FSP License No. 17125 NCRCP No. 610 Reg No. 2001/007427/30
Ithala SOC Limited is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Ithala Development Finance Corporation Limited